Burleigh Cricket attracts international players

31 Mar


By Matthew Judkins, Bond University Journalism Student

Burleigh Cricket Club is leading Gold Coast Cricket into the future by providing a platform for importing international cricketers.

Burleigh is the first cricket club on the Coast to import overseas players, a trend which is well established in Melbourne and Sydney cricket associations.

The club played host to an Indian, English, Papua-New-Guinean and two Sri-Lankan professional cricketers during the 2015/16 season.

It is unlikely that Burleigh will continue an import program at such a large scale, but other Gold Coast clubs seem to be considering the idea, said Burleigh Club President Paul Azzopardi.

First Class Indian cricket player and Burleigh import Virendra Vegda said that he always wanted to play in Australia and Burleigh gave him that opportunity.

“It was a really good experience to play in a First Grade Australian competition as an overseas player, and get good coaching experience as well,” said Mr Vegda.

Sporting clubs import international players to increase the chance of team success, to provide younger players with an opportunity to learn from them, and also for the international player to improve their skills.

“If any international cricketer wants to develop his cricket, come and play First Grade in Australia,” said Mr Vedga.

The international players also find Australia to be a fantastic and enjoyable new experience, said Mr Vedga.

“I really enjoyed myself on and off the field,” said English cricket and Burleigh player James Dunham.


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