Bundall Road upgrade traffic angers Isle of Capri residents

7 Jul
Isle of Capri resident Jo Churchill is unhappy with the proposed plan

Isle of Capri resident Jo Churchill is unhappy with the proposed plan

By Charlie Churchill, Bond University Journalism Student 

Isle of Capri locals are upset and angered by a planned upgrade of Bundall Road to add a right hand turn into Salerno Street.

The Southport to Burleigh road project will create three lanes of traffic in each direction.

The $104 million upgrade has locals complaining of more traffic on their every day drives.

Isle of Capri resident Selina Taylor lives in directly opposite Bundall road and said the Department of Transport and Main Roads is being secretive.

“The biggest problem is that they have been very secretive, they have not given us any details about what we are getting, and that has been the biggest issue,” she said.

“No one is getting any information, I had to get copies of documents from my neighbor.

“They have strung it out and they have not given us any pictures, any information, any letters. They are being very unprofessional.”

Since the demolition of multiple houses along Bundall Road, Mrs Taylor’s home across the canal has been exposed to more noise pollution from the road.

“Our only concern is we don’t want anymore noise pollution than what we already had when there were houses there. At the moment it is waking me up at four in the morning,” she said.

“Our neighbours put a noise box on their property to monitor the amount of noise that is being transmitted from the road for two weeks.

“The noise decibel calculated from the neighbour’s noise box was 65 decibels. For a noise wall to be installed, we needed 65.1 decibels.

“This is the equivalent of a city centre at lunch time or someone playing a piano near you for an average of 18 hours a day.”

As well as extending the road, the upgrade will include an off-road shared cycle and pedestrian pathway.

“We don’t want to see people or cyclists. We don’t want to see headlights and we don’t want to see cars, buses and trucks,” she said.

Fellow Isle of Capri resident John Henderson said he doesn’t see the point have including a right hand turn into Salerno Street as it will only add to the growing traffic issue on the island.

“I can see the value of why they would do the right hand turn, however, as a resident what it really means is that they are going to increase the traffic on the island,” he said.

“I think the upgrade of the shopping centre and the popularity of the school already contribute to the amount of traffic on the island.”

Mr Henderson said that the increase in traffic will be beneficial for shop owners, but for residents it will only make it more difficult for them to get on and off the island.

He said a better solution would be to extend the light-rail system.

The road works are expected to be complete in late 2017.


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