d’Arcy Doyle Awards grow with influx of junior painters

7 Jul

Mother and daughter Lyn Condon and Christine Parry paint at the exhibition

By Giulia Ongari, Bond University Journalism Student

The annual d’Arcy Doyle Awards for fine art is increasing its engagement with young people by promoting the Junior Awards.

The Mudgeeraba art awards event is seeking to engage more with young people by offering prizes to the most talented.

Event director Earle Hinschen said it is important to promote art among young students and maintain the heritage value.

“The Junior d’Arcy Doyle has been introduced to promote the kids,” he said.

“They are our future artists.”

He also said that although the space for the exposition is limited, the attendance of juniors is very well received.

“It has brought a whole lot of younger people to the art show as well as their families and that is very good,” Mr Hinschen said.

“Moreover, the junior entries have doubled in size and it has been supported by children’s art teachers.”

The number of junior primary and secondary entrants this year is 54.

Visitor and art teacher at Hillcrest Christian College, Lorenna Miles, said the Junior Awards are a great idea for young people.

“The awards are a launching platform at a local level,” she said.

The exhibition has gained fame thanks to its name and has been attracting artists from around Australia.

Mr Hinschen said that even in the beginning, the prize was high and has gone up as the event became more popular.

The d’Arcy Doyle Awards is annual with categories of landscape, portrait and still life.



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