Fans stake out celebrity couple, hoping for rare glimpse

14 Jul

By Alex Steele, Bond University Journalism Student

Student reporter Cloe Read was given the opportunity of a lifetime when American Magazine US Weekly asked her to cover Taylor Swift’s holiday on the Gold Coast last week.

Cloe jumped at the chance and said she had been scoping out Peppers Broadbeach since Friday, where the celebrity and her boyfriend, Tom Hiddleston, have been staying.

“I’ve been here for three days and Taylor is yet to show,” said Miss Read.

“I’ve been waiting with the same fans since Friday morning, as well as Channel Nine and Seven news crews.

“There are a few paparazzi here as well, but even their long lenses can’t catch a glimpse through the closed curtains.

“There have been about 100 fans waiting everyday, some even singing up to try and lure Taylor out of her penthouse, but unfortunately she didn’t come out.”

American university graduate Sarah Xie was among the fans that camped out the front.

The 19-year-old, who is based in Sydney on an intern exchange trip, said she flew to the Gold Coast this week in an effort to see her idol.

“I’ve been here for two days and seen nothing,” Miss Xie said.

“We saw Taylor’s security car drive out of the complex towards Surfers Paradise so we followed them hoping to maybe catch them at the beach or up at Sea World but we lost the car around Main Beach.

 “I’m going to head up to Village Roadshow Studios tomorrow because they apparently start filming then.

“I just met Matt Damon and Zac Efron in Sydney promoting movies so I’m hoping my lucky streak will continue.”

But other fans weren’t so hopeful.

 “A group of us snuck into the secure carpark under the hotel earlier today but we got kicked out,” said superfan Clint Stephens.

“They won’t even let us park in the public carpark now and told the receptionists not to let us back in the building.

 “We don’t want to harm her or anything we just wanted to see her up close in real life.”

Cloe hopes to find more jobs like this as it has opened her up to a world of journalism that she hadn’t before been exposed to.

Tom Hiddleston is filming Thor: Ragnarok at the Oxenford studios for the next three months.



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