Coast pop outfit gains fans with second national tour

21 Jul
Eliza Landscape

Eliza and the Delusionals. Picture: Aiden Ossovani

By Aiden Ossovani, Bond University Journalism Student

Gold Coast pop-rock band Eliza & the Delusionals wrapped-up their second national tour on Saturday with a performance in Brisbane.

The four-piece band travelled to seven cities to promote their new single The Ground across the country.

Touring was a valuable move for the band of freelance session musicians, said lead vocalist Eliza Klatt.

“We were all able to get to know each other better, not only as friends, but as musicians and players,” she said.

“To have so many people and other bands come along to support us, it’s really something special.”

The group were accompanied on the tour by “roadie” and photographer, Mikaela Henderson.

Mikaela 1

Picture: Mikaela Henderson

Mikaela 4

Picture: Mikaela Hendeson

“I really enjoyed being around the music scene and picking up little tips and tricks about the industry,” she said.

“Five people were crammed into a car together for most of the time and for really long hours so the car trips proved to be pretty uncomfortable.”

Drummer Joe MacPhail said the tour was strategically designed to avoid a financial loss.

“We were able to cover most of the tour expenses with income from the seven venues,” he said.

“The audiences were mostly quite responsive, especially in Sydney and Newcastle.”

Eliza said the tour allowed the band to gain greater popularity and prominence in the music industry throughout Australia.

“More people are listening to my songs and wanting to come and see our shows, which is really fulfilling after putting all the hard yards into writing and putting the shows together,” she said.

“Now that this tour is over I’m going to be focusing primarily on writing, possibly for a second EP at the end of the year.”

Eliza & the Delusionals can be found online through Triple J Unearthed, Soundcloud, Bandcamp and


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