Lock-out laws ‘have little effect on Coast drinking culture’

21 Jul

By Isabella Freeman, Bond University Journalism Student

Queensland’s tough new lock-out laws seem to have had little impact on drinking cultures with patrons starting earlier, say club goers and workers.

The laws mean shots are banned after midnight, doors are closed at 1am, and last drinks are 2am for pubs and 3am in nightclub zones.

13817107_582243405281975_2095627912_n“The only difference is that we open sooner and people are buying more drinks at earlier times, but it actually hasn’t changed much,” said Amber Booler, a bartender at a popular Gold Coast Club.

“Peak times are still the same, it’s just busier when we shut because people are still in the mood to drink.”

Many night clubs have responded by opening an hour earlier, which for many clubs now is 9pm.

“Being from Sydney I was used to early lockout laws,” said Julia Vera.

“I think it is weird though that the Casino is allowed to serve alcohol past 3am, because gambling and drinking just seems like a bad mix to me.”

The laws were introduced to curb alcohol-fuelled violence, prompted in particular by the death of 18-year-old Cole Miller earlier this year in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley.



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