Resident takes on council red tape and wins over bus stop

21 Jul


By Virginia Naves and Isabella Schoonenberg, Bond University Journalism Students

Burleigh resident Eve Chaland fought against blind bureaucracy over a bus zone outside his home and won.

Mr Chaland fought for an extension of a bus zone, which stretched across three properties opposite Burleigh State School, to be removed.

He said the stop was under-used and so he made numerous attempts to resolve the matter with council. However each time he was passed on to different departments.

It was only after meeting then-Division 12 Councillor Greg Betts that the issue progressed.

“I made an appointment with Greg Betts and told him it was really important,” said Mr Chaland.

“I told him to come to the school during pick up and drop off and see for himself the stupidity.

“Straight away he realised that something had to be done.”

Following this meeting, Councillor Betts cut through Council red tape to have the matter resolved in two months.

Mr Chaland said he is ecstatic with the result.

“I just refused to take no for an answer,” he said.

“It only took one person to realise the stupidity of that bus zone.

“That’s why I am really glad I pursued it and showed them.”

Fellow resident Sharon Soames said she is also pleased with the result.

“I’m really glad Eve fought for the bus zone to be changed because it really was a pain,” she said.

“It was so ridiculous for it to be a problem to park outside my own home.

“With the bus zone removed it is much easier, thanks to Eve.”

So far only a part of the bus zone has been removed.

“I don’t know why they took away the middle portion, but that was the bit over my property so I am not complaining,” said Mr Chaland.

Newly elected Division 12 Councillor Pauline Young was unavailable for comment due to a death in the family.



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