Original Motown musical takes Spotlight audiences on journey

28 Jul


By Aiden Ossovani, Bond University Journalism Student

Award-winning director and choreographer Jamie Watt is rehearsing for what could be one of the most difficult projects he has ever produced.

Mr Watt and his fellow volunteers at Spotlight Theatrical Company in Benowa have created an original show featuring more than 50 classic Motown tunes.

Portrait - Jamie WattHigher & Higher is an entirely new show,” Mr Watt said.

“We have an onstage cast of 15 singers and dancers, and an onstage band of 12, it’s a huge show.”

The ‘Motown’ musical takes viewers on a journey through the history of the classic genre — from The Supremes to The Bee Gees.

The ensemble cast and creative team have worked together to produce the show from the ground up, said cast member Dana White.

“I like the whole concept of the show and the fact that it’s more of a concert than a musical,” she said.

Gold Coast theatre veteran Jamie Watt has received multiple awards including ‘Best Actor’ at the 2011 Gold Coast Area Theatre Awards.

Performers are beginning to feel the heat as opening night looms, said cast member Steffanie Kriz.

“There is so much happening all the time,” she said.

“The dance numbers just happen one after the other, it just doesn’t stop the whole time.”

The production is set to be performed over a four-week season at Spotlight’s cabaret-style theatre next month.



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