Retro game collecting is more than mere child’s play

28 Jul

By Ann-Kathrin Schmidt, Bond University Journalism Student

Childhood memories came flooding back as more than 2000 people delved into the past for the Video and Pop Culture Market at Main Beach recently.

For many people like Andrea Mc Govern, Clint Domarins and Shaun Beehang it was a chance to relive the moments they spent playing video games as a kid, as the .

Shady Palms Café invited people to rummage, collect and buy.

Anime fan Andy said she used to play old games like Mario with her brother and friends.

“If you see the old games than you feel all the memories like 20 years ago,” she  said.

“Games are our natural passion and we missed it to play.

“I think the passion comes from my parents because they like old things and I played in my childhood often with the first Gameboy from my father.

“Moreover, it is a great to meet like-minded people who are fans of this subculture and you can talk with them about it.”

The third Video and Pop Culture Market focused on some of Queensland’s finest collections of retro video games and consoles, toys, and comics.

Video game fan Clint Domarins said retro gaming is becoming more mainstream, but the cost of old games is rising due to hardcore collecting

“If you love the nostalgia of these games then the price is not important,” he said.

“If you were born in the ‘80s, then these retro games are feeling extremely familiar.

“Many fans of classic games like me have been building up vast collections that are now worth significantly more than they cost to create.

 “Also many classic games are being made available as digital downloads on next-gen consoles or on smartphones and tablets, but that is not the same as with a controller in your hand and to sit in front of an old TV.”

Prop maker and designer Shaun Beehag said this event is a great opportunity to find rare examples of comics and games.

“It is an insider tip for all fans of pop culture and video games,” he said.

“It was a time where all was new and I can remember I played the whole night.

“My first game was Pac Man and I got it for Christmas from my Parents.

“We grew up with famous characters like He-Man, Pac-Man, Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario and these characters are today still popular.

“I think we are a generation that never wanted to grow up, finally has the chance to retreat into its childhood at a massive scale, as all entertainment now seems to be a series of retreads, reboots, and remakes of our childhood.



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