The Cure lacks relevance for youth audience at Splendour

28 Jul

By Sophia Sorensen, Bond University Journalism Student

The Cure delivered a raved-about three-hour performance as headline act at Splendour in the Grass last weekend yet many festival goers could not see the relevance of a 40-year-old band at a youth festival.

The Cure, who formed in 1976, closed the festival at Byron Bay on the second night.

Tilly Gee camped at the grounds for the week and said she was more interested in contemporary artists.

“I watched some of The Cure but to be honest, I wasn’t really a fan,” she said.

“I thought it was cool that the festivals was so diverse with their band choices, and I’m sure it appealed to a lot of people, but I didn’t love it.”

Bella Campbell attended Splendour on Saturday, and said she ignired The Cure in favour of younger acts that were playing at the same time.

“I didn’t actually get the chance to watch The Cure as Matt Corby was playing at the same time,” Bella said.

“I was mainly super excited to see acts such as Sticky Fingers, Kim Churchill and Matt Corby so I couldn’t miss him.”

Tilly said one of her favourite parts of Splendour was the fashion.

“I saw everything from casual everyday clothes, to trendy patterns and lots of pretty, flowing garments,” she said.

“Then again, I saw a few girls who were completely naked and just wore their underwear and body-paint, and a guy only wearing a mankini. So you know, anything goes.”

Bella loved the overall atmosphere.

“Everyone just seemed so happy to be there and was friendly,” she said.

“I felt like Splendour is a festival that anyone can go to, whatever your age and have a great time.”

“It is like a little Splendour bubble, were you can forget about the every day routine and have a great day.”



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