Erin beats cancer and then competitors at Masters Games

16 Nov


By Naemi Hirschi, Bond University Journalism Student 

A Canberra mother who beat cancer last year and wanted to prove to her self she was still full of life by competing at the Pan Pacific Masters last weekend.

Callisthenic athlete Erin Sovensen said that it was great being back in the sport after fighting breast cancer last year.

“Everyone coming back together made this event very special to me, ” she said.

“I was so exited, it felt like old times.”

Fellow Callisthenic athlete Michelle Edgar said that this event was a reunion of the group, as most woman had given up the sport due to motherhood.

“Having all the girls and specially our friend Erin back in our group is amazing,” she said.

“Erin is such a powerful woman, she infects everyone with her energy.”

Ms Sovensen said that her group, Evatt, was a great support during her battle with  cancer.

“I will take memories of love, friendship and excitement home from the event,” she said.

“Winning all the medals was a perfect ending of a great weekend.”

Her group Evatt won four medals from four categories.

One of their perfomances promoted awarness of breast cancer.


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