Red Frogs on the hop as Surfers prepares for Schoolies

16 Nov

Andy Gourley gives support to parents and Schoolies.

By Traci Schaumberg, Bond University Journalism Student

Red Frogs Australia volunteers have some final advice for Schoolies  and their parents  before the annual celebration officially gets underway on the Gold Coast this Friday.

Founder and National Director of Red Frogs, Andy Gourley, often referred to as ‘Boss Frog’, said about 700 volunteers would be their to support and look out for Schoolies in the Gold Coast area.

“Most of our volunteers are 18 to 25 years old,” he said.

“All ages can help out as volunteers at Schoolies though. We have one legend who is 84 years old who still helps us every year.”

Although there are many volunteers, Mr Gourley says he still gets contacted by parents nervous about their kids attending Schoolies.

“The best thing you can do for your kid is cook some food for them and pack up some water,” he said.

“Freeze up lasagna or some spaghetti. Not eating or hydrating will just cause schoolies to get rundown.”

Red Frogs National Media Consultant Kelly North said parents should not to worry too much about their children because they are in good hands.

“During Schoolies you can find Red Frogs visiting rooms, cooking pancakes, helping keep rooms tidy, and providing stage entertainment,” she said.

“We have a team that operates a 24/7 Red Frogs hotline.”

Mr Gourley also told parents to urge their kids to download the Red Frogs Hotline App, and save the hotline phone number in their mobile.

“Don’t be afraid to call the hotline, be honest with us if a mate is struggling or if you need something,” he said.

“If you need to call 000 in an emergency situation, do it. Just be true to yourself and look after your mates.”

The Red Frogs hotline number is 1300 557 123, and the Red Frogs app can be downloaded from the App Store.

For more information about the Red Frogs, visit their website at


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