Currumbin animal hospital set to wrap up fundraising

23 Nov

By Naemi Hirschi, Bond University Journalism Student

Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation takes care of over 9000 animals every year for free and now needs your help.
Senior Veterinarian Mr Michael Pyne said that the wildlife hospital relies on donations.
“Without all the money from the foundation this wouldn’t be possible,” he said.
“We really do need help.”
Mr Pyne said that they are working on different projects to raise more funds.
“One of them is the Christmas gift wrapping,” he said.
“For a gold coin donation you get your Christmas presents wrapped.”
The gift wrapping will be held from December 10 to 24 at the Pacific Fair Shopping Centre.
Mr Pyne said that  they have great facilities but they run it on a shoe string.
“My dream is to turn things around and prevent animals from coming in by raising awareness,” he said.
The mission of the hospital is to become a world leader in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of sick and injured wildlife. They want to play an integral role in conservation, research and education projects to ensure the survival of Australia’s iconic species.
Mr Pyne said that it is a great advantage to be located in the Currumbin Wildlife Park.
“Our hope is to engage people, who are visiting the hospital as part of their day at the park,” he said.
“A little change in your backyard can make a difference.”
Park visitor Marina Zrno said that it is very impressive to see what they are doing at the hospital.
“You can see that the vet and nurses put the animals first,” she said.
“It gives you a better understanding on what you’re spending the money on.”


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