Truck-loads of good food all started with a simple idea

23 Nov


By Sydney Stella, Bond University Journalism Student 

A local food truck is credited with starting a trend that has been rapidly growing across the Gold Coast, giving the area its first taste of street food.

Siguenos owners Reanna and Rodney Anlezark came up with the idea after trips to the United States, specifically Los Angeles, where they first experienced food trucks and the street food they had to offer.

As the area’s first ever GC food truck, premiering on the streets in early 2014, they captured a market that had not yet been touched.

“We felt the Gold Coast lacked street food options so we decided to start the culture here,” they said.

Reanna said it has taken off and done so well because it provides family and friends a great atmosphere to get together, eat, and hangout.

“What is not to love? It is quality food that is reasonably priced and served outdoors,” she said.

“We strongly believe that food does not have to be expensive to taste great and we often get comments from customers saying that eating at our truck reminds them of their travels around the world.”

Gold Coast City Council has strict rules on where such ventures can operate, which Reanna said they respect.

“We started our food truck business to add something to the Gold Coast, not to impact other local businesses,” she said.

“The idea of a Food Truck if run correctly is that you build a social media following that comes to you wherever you may be; therefore there should be no need to park in openly public areas.

“Siguenos is proof that you can run a successful food truck business without altering the council bylaws.”

For both owners, the best part about running a food truck is the relationships they have built with their customers over the years.

“In all our years in the industry we have never met better people,” they said.

“It was a risk being the first food truck, it could have gone either way; but thanks to the people of the Gold Coast who got behind us and have continually supported us we have built a very successful business.”



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