Gold Coast poker players need more than luck

10 Mar

Casey wk8By Griffin Casey, Bond University Journalism Student

Gold Coast poker players answer the age old question of whether the game is primarily luck or skill.

Unlike other casino games, poker is not played against the house but rather against other players, making the game exploitable.

It also depends what type of poker is being played, according to Dan O’Keef, a Tournament Director for the Australian Poker League.

“I think if you are talking about small stakes tournament poker, it weighs slightly on the side of luck,” he said.

“I reckon it would be about 60% luck and 40% skill in these types of games.”

A tournament director deals with the leaderboards, prize money, and generally running the tournaments so they get to know a lot of the players.

Mr O’Keef said he realises there is skill involved and that reading people is the biggest part of it.

“A lot of the time I see the same people at the final table and you can usually tell who the better players are,” he said.

Some of the players look at it a bit differently, such as Jackson Priam who plays tournaments on the Gold Coast regularly.

Mr Priam said that he thinks that the lower buy-in tournaments are mostly based on luck but as the stakes move up so does the skill.

“I would say these low stakes tournaments are about 70% luck and 30% skill,” he said.

“The skill aspect involves maths and figuring out betting patterns and bluffing, but we don’t really see much of that at the small tournaments.”

To test your luck (or skill) go to to find events around the Gold Coast to shuffle up and deal.


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