Peace in Peasville

10 Mar

Maryne wk 8.png

By Maryne Glas, Bond University Journalism Student

A Queensland native decided to take his stories to the next level by turning his successful children’s books into a television series that promotes nonviolence and encourages children to follow their dreams.

Author of the Peasville children’s books, aimed at children ages one to six, Richard Kontos doesn’t approve of violence in children’s entertainment and has created over 300 children’s stories that discourage violence and promote the development of social skills.

“In my opinion there is far too much violence in children’s entertainment; when watching some of the programming that is dressed up for young children I am shocked,” he said.

Mr Kontos’s aversion to violence in children’s programming inspired him to set up Queensland’s only animation studio to guarantee that Peasville will never be changed in a way that adds violence or adult undertones to the show.

“I wanted to make sure the content was not changed as Peasville does not contain violence or adult connotation and it never will,” he said.

However, mother of three children between the ages of one and five, Rebekah Pollock says she monitors what her children watch on television and feels that small amounts of violent implications, if explained properly, aren’t always a bad thing.

“While it is essential for children to know the boundaries of physical violence and that it is absolutely unacceptable in society, I believe that introducing scenarios that may have violent tendencies at a young age can help develop a stronger resilience to real life situations,” she said.

“Peasville isn’t something that I’ve ever heard about, but it sounds like something I would watch with my children.”

Mr Kontos said details about when and where the Peasville television series will air have not yet been decided.

More information about Peasville can be found on the company website,

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