Celebrity hunt on the Gold Coast

17 Mar

Griffin wk 9.png

By Griffin Casey, Bond University Journalism Student

Gold Coast residents have differing views on Hollywood celebrities staying in their hometown.

The most recent star in the spotlight is actor Ben Affleck, who is rumoured to be staying in the Oracle Building due to his involvement with the Aquaman film.

Oracle resident, Jake Lewtan, is eager to catch a glimpse of the movie star, hoping that the rumours are true.

“I’ve never met a big movie star before and definitely haven’t lived in the same building with one,” he said.

“It would be great to be walking in or out of the building and see Ben Affleck passing by so I could shake his hand.”

Other residents were not as excited about the possibility of a movie star living in their building, such as resident Owen Wrinn.

Mr Wrinn said that he likes Mr Affleck’s movies but he hopes he doesn’t bring too much attention to the building.

“I stayed here for the nice accommodations and the quiet living space,” he said.

“I can only imagine how many people would come to the building to see him if the rumours are true.

“I wouldn’t want fans swarming around the entrance or anything.”


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