Smartest kid in Queensland in our own backyard

17 Mar

Emma wk9.pngBy Emma Senior, Bond University Journalism Student

Hard work, sacrifice and dedication have helped a Gold Coaster beat thousands of other Queensland students for the state’s top title after receiving the highest OP score.

Amelia Grace, 17, who graduated from Trinity Lutheran College’s Ashmore campus last year, achieved an OP1 (99.95 ATAR equivalent), the highest result possible, as her exit score.

“I was completely shocked, but proud of the work I put into year 12,” she said.

Amelia said that she put a lot of pressure on herself to perform well and that her teachers and parents had contributed significantly to that success, as they were always there to offer help and motivation.

Head of English at Trinity and Amelia’s mentor Barbara Farmer said she was very proud of the quiet achiever.

“I felt a great sense of satisfaction and pride that she was finally recognised for her accomplishments,” she said.

During her senior years Amelia did seven subjects as opposed to the standard six, increasing pressures to manage her time, while still managing the stress that accompanies academic success.

“To avoid stress I planned my time very efficiently and started every assignment immediately to ensure I never had to complete anything last minute,” she said.

“Most importantly, I spent time away from my studies to exercise and work part time, which gave me a well-needed break from the books.”

Amelia said she would advise the upcoming year 12s to manage their time, find something they enjoy outside of study and choose the subjects they find interesting.

“It was easier for me to study for English Extension, Mathematics and Chemistry as I have a passion in these areas and enjoyed the challenge of working, in many cases, independently,” she said.

Her love for Math and Chemistry is reflected in her future aspiration to work at a leading engineering firm.

Amelia has now commenced study in a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) at Griffith University on a $60,000 Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarship.

“Griffith University is very proud to have an outstanding school graduate like Amelia choose Griffith as her preferred higher education destination… and is confident she will do herself and the University proud,” Griffith University Media Manager Ben Dobson said.


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