From the benches to the beach

24 Mar
Yasmin Wk 10

Runner on Miami Beach. Picture: Yasmin Bonnell

By Yasmin Bonnell, Bond University Journalism student

The beach is a place most people go for a day in the sun and water with friends, but for many on the Gold Coast it has become the new place to work out.

Varsity Lakes resident Rekisha Satour said she prefers running along the beach rather than working out at the gym because it gives her a chance to think clearly and focus on herself.

“The gym is always jam packed with people and I can’t think clearly about what my goals are,” she said.

“At the beach I can visually see the distance that I have to run which gives me a sense of accomplishment.

“It’s a good way to socialise and have that extra bit of motivation.”

University student Andrea Nikoletatos said working out at the beach also motivates her.

“I would rather wake up to go for a run and watch the sunrise than go to the gym and stare at a wall,” she said.

“We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world so I want to take advantage of it.”

Ms Satour said while there are many lovely beaches on the Gold Coast, her favourite place to work out is Miami Beach.

“The atmosphere is just so great and the scenery is beautiful,” she said.

Gold Coast City Council have been running an Active and Healthy program since July 11, 2016, which will continue until next June 4.

The program provides daily group fitness trainings for all ages and fitness levels with diverse classes like seniors group exercise, beach body workout classes and more.

Prices range from $3 to $20 with some free classes available.

In a brochure promoting the program Gold Coast City Mayor Tom Tate said council aims to motivate community members to undertake more regular physical activity, participate in community activities and make movement part of their everyday lives.

Sessions are held at Gold Coast beaches from Currumbin to Coomera.



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