Pacific Fair upgrade brings more shoppers

24 Mar


Sophie wk 10

Kylie Collier, Manager at Sass and Bide Pacific Fair visual merchandising the store. Picture: Sophie Wallace

By Sophie Wallace, Bond University Journalism student

More than 400 specialty stores are drawing locals and tourists to the recently redeveloped Pacific Fair.

Pacific Fair Fashion Retail Assistant Manager Erin Ruby said the $670 million redevelopment has had a positive impact on the Gold Coast offering jobs in the construction process as well as the final product.

“I know a lot of Gold Coast ladies have had the opportunity to work in high end fashion since the redevelopment of the centre,” she said.

“Pacific Fair has become an international shoppers’ destination, the introduction of designer stores supports the demand for high end retail which has been popular with our Chinese, Arab and local clientele.”

However, Ms Ruby said she has heard negative feedback from small minority locals.

“They have failed to see that in order to be recognised on an international level we must run this operation at an international standard,” she said.

“Complaints about paid parking have led to extended free parking periods after media uproar but they need to realise that this is the case across the majority of huge high-end shopping centres”

Pacific Fair Bailey Nelson Assistant Store Manager Chelsea Redpath said she found tourists spent lavishly on designer brands and the numbers would rise with the upcoming Commonwealth Games.

“I have already noticed an increase in foot traffic throughout the shopping centre compared to when we had only been open for six months,” she said.

\“Pacific Fair has become a huge fashion destination for tourists and locals, I also find we get a lot of customers making the trip from Brisbane to shop here.”

Business News Australia reported a high demand for luxury fashion brands such as Tiffany and Co, Gucci and Prada.

Gold Coast local Karla Hinton said she thought Pacific Fair was like a shiny new toy for tourists and less friendly for locals.

“I personally think that the high-end fashion demand is more popular for tourists and that some locals like myself prefer to shop at Robina,” she said.


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