Quiksilver and Roxy Pro

3 Apr

Surfer competing in the final heat. Picture: Amelia Chapman.

By Amelia Chapman, Bond University Journalism Student

Volunteering at the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro gave one high school student a chance to meet six-time World Surf League champion Stephanie Gilmore, her surf idol.

Bella Davis, A student from Palm Beach Currumbin High School, was one of the volunteers at the week-long event in Coolangatta.

“As Stephanie was walking back up the beach I got the chance to say hi and get a photo with her,” she said.

The Quiksilver and Roxy Pro kicked off at the start of this month with volunteers and world surf champions flooding the streets of Coolangatta.

“I got to miss school which was great, but seriously the experience was so rewarding,” Ms Davis said.

“Not only did I get to meet so many of my favourite surfers, but I can also use this volunteer work for future work experience.”

As well as meeting her idols, Ms Davis had to get up at 5am every morning.

“It was early, but I loved every minute of it,” she said.

Darrell Peters, one of the event organisers, said the volunteers this year had been extraordinary.

“We’ve had around 100 unpaid volunteers that have helped out this year,” he said.

The volunteer work included helping setting up tents, water running, working the merchandise shops and clearing the beaches..

“We always appreciate the help from volunteers, and you can guarantee it is a fun and rewarding experience,” Mr Peters said.



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