Survey shows support for offshore Cruise Ship Terminal at The Spit

3 Apr

Terminal location has been a contentious issue. Picture: Sophie Wallace

By Sophie Wallace, Bond University Journalism Student 

A bare majority of Gold Coast residents favour the plan for a $70 million offshore cruise ship terminal at The Spit.

It has been prompted by ongoing interest in the Gold Coast as a profitable cruise ship terminal destination.

A survey of 32 Gold Coast locals showed 50% of people were in favour of the development, 37% against and 12% undecided.

Half of the respondents agreed the crew ship terminal would boost tourism for the Gold Coast economy.

Broadbeach travel agent Daniel Newberry said he is already getting numerous enquiries from tourists who want to holiday on the Gold Coast with the upcoming Commonwealth Games.

“The cruise ship terminal is a great idea, if it goes ahead finally the Gold Coast will be in competition with cities such as Sydney and Melbourne,” Mr Newberry said.

“It means travellers would spend more time and money on the Gold Coast which will challenge shopping centres, businesses and hotels to improve themselves.”

Quoted in Business News Australia Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate estimated the terminal would attract an extra 140,000 visitors a year and bring up to $30 million into the local economy.
One survey respondent said that landing at the Gold Coast would impress visitors and bring in tourist dollars.

Main beach local Nick Lowe said he believes the cruise ship terminal is a good idea and would give tourists more options to visit the Gold Coast.

“The road at Main Beach heading towards The Spit definitely needs expanding, but if they are willing to put in the effort and dollars it will be a success,” Mr Lowe said.

Survey responses also showed locals are worried about the environmental destruction, harm to wildlife and loss of public open space.

Mr Lowe said the people who are trying to protect The Spit need to remember that it was man made in the first place.

“Everyone is saying that the cruise ship terminal will impact the environment but the argument is irrelevant because humans built The Spit,” he said.

Alice Leonard, Gold Coast resident of 25 years, said she worries the cruise ship terminal could disrupt the peace and quiet on the Gold Coast.

“It’s exciting to see the Gold Coast growing but I cannot help thinking about the increase in traffic, loss of parkland and noise disturbance,” Miss Leonard said.

“People are getting caught up in the idea of a cruise ship terminal and need to step back and realise the negative effects it will have on our home.”


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