Together or apart, BFFs soar to modelling success

3 Apr
Christie wk 11

Saskia Jenkins and Isabelle Mathers celebrating each others modelling shoots. Picture: Christie Perrin

By Christie Perrin, Bond University Journalism Student

Gold Coast 18-year-old best friends Saskia Jenkins and Isabelle Mathers started chasing their modelling dreams together, but have now soared to success on their own.

Together the pair have more than 90, 000 Instagram followers and have been the faces of many Australian brands including; Princess Polly, Dissh, Beginning Boutique, City Beach and Peony Swimwear.

Miss Jenkins and Miss Mathers became friends at Aquinas High School.

Both girls began to realise their modelling potential when they started gaining Instagram followers from posting photos of themselves.

“I started to post a large amount of photos on my Instagram and slowly started gaining more and more followers,” Miss Jenkins said.

“Then after a while companies started getting in touch with me asking me about promoting their products on my account to gain more exposure.”

At 15, Ms Mathers also began getting scouted off Instagram by brands and labels asking her to do photo shoots.

The two best friends began modelling work together but then moved on to different agencies.

“Saskia and I use to do shoots together before we joined our agencies but because we are both different looks with different agencies it is hard to get noticed now together,” Miss Mathers said.

Miss Jenkins is with Dallys Models in Brisbane and Miss Mathers signed with Que Models in Mermaid Beach.

Despite being with different agencies, the girls support each other throughout their modelling professions and celebrate each other’s successes.

“Isabelle has done work for pretty much every clothing company that our age or youth in Australia uses on the internet,” Miss Jenkins said.

“It is amazing what she has achieved in such a small amount of time and I am excited to see everything she will achieve in the future.”

Miss Mathers also is proud of Miss Jenkins’ success.

“I love that my best friend can do exactly what I’m doing and when Sas gets jobs and does a big shoot it’s nothing but excitement from me,” Miss Mathers said.

“I am always super proud of her.”

Modelling has become a full-time job.

Miss Mathers works up to 35 hours some weeks.

“Other weeks I only work 12-15 hours, it’s good because even though it’s a full time job, you get days off and cruisy weeks along the way,” Miss Mathers said.

“In saying that, it’s still not an easy job and a lot of people overlook modelling as a bludge or a nothing job but it is so much more than that.

“It’s hard not to get defensive when people say the usual ‘all you do is stand in front of a camera and pose’.”

Miss Jenkins said despite their busy lives they still find time to hang out with each other.

“We usually just get food or go to the beach but always are trying to stay entertained,” she said.

“We’ve done random stuff like ice skating, putt putt or gone to Movie World.

“Or we like to just stay home all day and binge watch tv shows, there’s really no in between.”

Follow Saskia Jenkins and Isabelle Mathers on Instagram: @saskiateje and @isabellemathersx


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