Causeway connects motorists again after devastating floods

7 Jul


By George Lysnar, Bond University Journalism Student

Construction workers have enjoyed gifts and cheers from Coomera and Oxenford residents since the John Muntz Causeway reopened last Friday.

The causeway, which connects Tamborine Mountain, Coomera and Oxenford, was severely damaged by ex-tropical Cyclone Debbie on March 31, 2017.

Reopening the causeway has resulted in people driving past and waving or saying thanks, said Safety Advisor Doug Edwards.

“Residents have come up to workers with chocolates and gifts, or to ask if they want to get a drink,” he said.

Other residents are happy to see the causeway open again, since it has brought business back to shops in the surrounding areas.

Hanjin Lee, who works at Coomera’s Tobacco Station, said business had risen by around 30% since the causeway reopened.

“Sales rose even on the first day,” he said.

Mr Lee said business dropped by 40% immediately after the cyclone and the first week following it was the worst.

The causeway had been closed for two months with Tamborine drivers having to detour through Coomera to reach the M1.

Congested 40 minute drives between Coomera and Oxenford have been shortened to five minutes due to traffic easing up, said Mr Edwards.

“Workers have been working from 6am till 6pm to get the job done as efficiently as possible,” he said.

“There is still some work to be done on the causeway, but residents are glad to be able to use it.”


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