Pop-up picnics trend driven by class and social posts

7 Jul

By Courtney Brady, Bond University Journalism Student

Pop-up picnics are the latest trend to hit the Gold Coast catering for everything from bachelorette parties to baby showers.

Locals increasingly are taking advantage of the new craze where customers arrive at the location of their choice to a beautiful picnic.

Klara’s House is a start up established in August last year and since has grown steadily, said founder Klara Jones.

Klara said women are veering more towards brunch-style hen’s and birthday parties because they “want something beautiful and classy”.

“Women don’t want tacky balloons, gross strippers and going out to night clubs they would never normally go to,” she said.

“Why make that your night for such a special thing?”

Klara credits social media as an influence in her company’s success.

“People love positing what they’re doing online and because these events are so beautiful and different we get a lot of free publicity,” she said.

“Women want to get ‘glammed up’, wear a beautiful dress, enjoy each other’s company and make everyone not there jealous by posting photos on social media,” Klara said.

Brittany Graham posted that she loved that “the little picnic really got the attention of passers by.”

Women are willing to spend big bucks for the extravagant parties with one event for 15 guests costing over $1200.

Klara’s House employee Hannah Rankin said women are “clamoring to have a pop-up picnic for their next event because it’s a luxury experience.”

“Having something so intimate makes the customers feel very special,” she said.

For more information on Klara’s House visit http://klarashouse.com.au/



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