Surfers venue managers welcome mandatory ID scanning

7 Jul


By Akshaya Krishnan Aiyer, Bond University Journalism Student

Queensland’s new mandatory ID scanning at pubs and clubs has been welcomed by  Surfers Paradise venue managers.

Jodi Miller, manager of Underground Nightclub, praised the government’s effort to make the glitter strip safer.

“If there are any fights in the club, it is easier for my team to refer to the database to catch the offender,” said Ms Miller.

“Underground installed ID scanners before it was made mandatory. With the camera footage and the scanned ID, it has helped us and the cops a great deal.

“This is a better measure to control than the previous lock-out laws,”

Charlie Embley, manager of Sin City, has asked all the nightclub owners in the strip to form a code of conduct for the duration of bans for any offenses.

“The committee is working on a set of rules like if one person is banned from a club, he will be banned from others too,” said Mr Embly.

However, the roll out has caused a setback. The ID scanners are unable to read foreign IDs and are required to do so manually.

Jonathan Vagasi, a French resident living in Surfers Paradise, was disappointed to wait in a long line on Canada Day.

“After waiting in a long line to get into Melbas, I had to wait for an extra three to four minutes for my ID to be scanned. It was not a great experience at all,” said Mr Vagasi.

The personal information stored in the database is their name, date of birth, photo and past offenses or bans.



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